Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Please! No More QDLS!

Change is hard.  Some more than others.

But, I really don't understand why we as IBM i programmers, users, and administrators still are using the QDLS file system for anything.

I do understand that years ago it was easy to map a drive to QDLS, but we should be past that now and using NetServer to be able to treat our IBM i file system, including the IFS, as a network share in it's entirety.

QDLS has a few limitations that don't allow it to work with today's more complex applications.  The main two are:

8.3 File naming (yep, just like Windows 3.x).  
This means the maximum size of a file name can be 8 characters with a 3 character extension (unless IBM "fixed" this, which would have been as useful as fixing an old wooden wagon wheel to put on your Bently)

It doesn't allow multi-threading.  
This is important for any application that uses a file in the IFS (such as a Java application).  It just doesn't work.
With the rest of the IFS available without these limitdates why some stick to using QDLS, especially for new applications, is beyond me.  

We in the IBM i community do have that popular saying "if it isn't broke, why fix it".  To a point I agree with this.

But, I propose that anything using the QDLS file system these days IS broken.

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