Saturday, January 17, 2015

What if Your Code Comes Full Circle?

I remember a consulting job I had a few years ago.  It was to help a company with some enhancement requests for the web applications in a company that the full time staff just couldn't keep up with.

That's understandable.  I've seen first hand when you show a company what you can do with web, email, or anything net related how the requests start flowing in without reserve.

Before I was hired for this job, I went through the whole process of the interview, providing examples of my work, providing references, a resume, etc.

Then I got on the job and realized most of the code that I was working with was copied as templates from one of my eRPG/CGIDEV2 training manuals.  I had to sit back and smile (and gloat to my wife).  I was happy to actually see and work with the fruits of my labor...

...and cringe at the code...

"I could do so much better these days!", I thought.  But, isn't that how things always work.  We're always improving.  We're always learning new things.   In hindsight, we can always do better.

We can all find faults in anything shared and posted.   But most likely we'll never have to deal with any "real world" code from anyone in these groups we join.

But if/when we do, be careful it's not your own.  :)